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You are welcome by luxurious villas, studios and appartments, surrounded by endless water and lovely gardens, blended into the unspoiled landscape of Halki Greece island.

Halki Greece islandHalki Greece is a unique holiday destination in the aegean. Halki island is one of the smallest in the Dodecanese, just a few miles west of the island of Rhodes, gifted with exceptional natural beauty. Halki Greece is a peacefull vacation spot that promises quite and relaxing holidays both for families and couples. If you wish to enjoy your privacy Halki Greece island is the ideal place.

There are so many ways to relax and amuse yourselves at this beautiful small greek island. At Halki Greece island you will have the opportunity to swim in crystal clear water at pebble and sandy beaches. Halki visitor will live magnificent moments just sitting at veranda and looking the deep blue sea and the stars at night. Also, at Halki Greece island, Halki visitor can taste traditional Greek cuisine, fresh fish and discover mediterranean flavours choosing among the greek taverna's and the greek restaurants that are standing across the port in a unique atmosphere.

Halki Greece islandHalki Greece properties villa Skiadeni, villa Nitsa, and Maria's complex are build and tended with Greek hospitality. Comfortable rooms, warm hospitality and superior accomodation promises you unforgatable vacations. They offer a home away from home. Here Halki visitor can enjoy the view, give themselves up to the delight of the sea and let children spin up their own exciting summer fairy taile.

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